News from the Sleep and Brain Health Laboratory

Welcome Henson and Fardin

I’d like to welcome Henson Chen (Computer Science) and Fardin Islam (Molecular Biology and Biotechnology) who are new undergraduate students joining us for the fall term!

Welcome Mahnoor

I’d like to welcome Mahnoor Hamid to the lab, who will be joining us as a new MSc student.  Mahnoor completed a BSc in Biology at the University of Toronto where she worked on plant epigenetics.  Mahnoor will be picking up where Rebecca left off looking at non-neuronal correlates of sleep disruption.

Rosa awarded CIHR Doctoral Scholarship

Congratulations to Rosa on being awarded a prestigious doctoral scholarship from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research for her project “Associations between the physiological consequences of sleep apnea and cerebral small vessel disease in community-dwelling adults”!

First in-person lab gathering in >1 year!

We met for a pandemic-safe outdoor lunch to celebrate Rebecca’s successful thesis defence and meet for the first time in over a year!

Rebecca successfully defends her thesis!

Congratulations to Rebecca on the successful defence of her thesis “Sleep Fragmentation, Astrocyte Activation, and Cognitive Impairment in Older Adults With and Without Alzheimer’s Disease”!

Welcome Parth, Prakhar, Caitlin, Lokeesan

Welcome to Parth Patel (Computer Science), Prakhar Sharma (Computer Science), Caitlin Chow (Neuroscience), and Lokeesan Kaneshwaran (Engineering) who are new UofT undergraduate students joining us for the summer!

New NIH grants funded

We are pumped about 2 new multiple-PI NIH grants funded: R01AG071638 “Establishing Sleep Apnea as a non-cognitive phenotype of brainstem ADRD pathologies in older adults” (co-PI’s Buchman [Rush University], Lim [University of Toronto], and Van Der Horst [Harvard University]) and RF1AG070436 “Bidirectional interactions between sleep and Alzheimer’s disease: Functional dissection of the brain transcriptome in…
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Joel’s paper in Sleep Medicine

Congrats to Joel on his new paper “MRI-visible perivascular space volumes, sleep duration, and daytime dysfunction in adults with cerebrovascular disease” which was published in Sleep Medicine

Rosa’s paper in Stroke

Congrats to Rosa on her new paper “Disrupted Rest-Activity Rhythms and Cerebral Small Vessel Disease Pathology in Older Adults” which was published in Stroke